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Welcome to the Tallinn United Cricket Club


Oldest active Cricket Club in Estonia.


Tallinn United Cricket Club

was established in 2013

We are the oldest Cricket club in Estonia representing players from many nationalities. Our club consists of several members of Estonian National Team and we participate actively in the events conducted by Estonian Cricket Association (ECA), the supervising body of Cricket in Estonia and an associate member of International Cricket Council (ICC).

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Cricket in Estonia

Cricket in Estonia has undergone a massive transformation since it’s inception in early 2000’s. Today Estonia have the best Cricketing infrastructure in whole of Baltics and is now a member of ICC, qualified to play T20I. 

Over 300 players play domestic Cricket representing a dozen Cricket Clubs in Tallinn and Tartu with proposed expansion in smaller cities like Pärnu. Estonian teams have toured to Poland, Spain, Finland, Croatia & Cyprus over the past years. 

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